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Quantum Machine Learning
Summer School.  
26-30 June

Welcome to the area where quantum computing

and machine learning meet together!

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About QML summer school

Designed for someone who has knowledge in mathematical analysis, linear algebra, probability theory, and programming in Python. Our immersive summer school on quantum machine learning is accessible to every STEM student, , even if you are not familiar with some of the mentioned subjects you still can take a part of this school.

Organized jointly by Kyiv Academic University and Trinity College Dublin, this summer school brings together the expertise and resources of two leading institutions. Participants in this school will gain valuable insights and knowledge from professors, researchers, and industry experts which will allow them to enter this field. 

Lecturers and Topics

Andrii Semenov Associate professor Kyiv Academic Unicversity 


Olena Gomonay Senior Researcher at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

26-27th June

Introduction to Quantum Computation.

This lectures will cover basics of quantum machanics and them basics of quantum computing that you will need trough the course

Vitalii Tymchyshyn, Senior Researcher Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

26-27th June

Introduction to Classical Machine Learning:

Topics: Linear regression, Classification problems, Training vs Test set,

Validation, Generative modeling (GAN, VAE). Intro to Neural Networks. Kernels

Marco Radaelli PhD researcher at Trinity College Dublin

28th June

Introduction to Quantum Algorithms.

these lectures will talk about Deutsch–Jozsa algorithm, QFT, Phase Estimation, HHL protocol. Intro to Qiskit for implementing quantum algorithms and more.

Danylo Yakymenko, Senior researcher Institute of Mathematics NAS of Ukraine

Alessandro Lunghi assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin


29th June
ML simulation of quantum properties of spin qubits such as magnetic molecules

28th June

Quantum error correction using stabilizer codes

Oleksandr Kyriienko, Senior lecturer from University of Exeter

29th June
uction to Quantum Machine Learning
30th June
Quantum Scientific machine learning

Weixi Zhang Scientist at National Physical Laboratory 


Igor Sokolov Quantum Researcher at PASQAL 


30th June
QML Workshop. 
Introduction to Quantum Neural Networks

29th June
Introduction to Variational quantum algorithms
30th June
Practical Applications of Quantum Machine Learning


* Note that program hours are subject to minor adjustments. We aim to optimize the sessions for an enhanced learning experience. Updated schedules will be communicated to all participants via email to ensure everyone is well-informed.

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